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The world’s population reached, and passed, eight billion people on 15th November 2022, reinforcing RedSun Hortitech’s drive to bend the curve to sustainable farming. Eight billion hungry people to feed creates massive strain on agriculture; to remain competitive and meet the growing demand, farmers have to farm differently and that means utilising Technology and strong genetics to get the most productive yields out of the land using less water, fewer pesticides and reduced fertiliser.

www.worldometers.info/world-population/ will give you an idea of how rapidly the population is growing, the counter is spinning at pace.

Sustainable farming and healthy eating are key to being part of the global food solution. There are four critical variables that sustainable agricultural businesses have to manage today:

  1. Cost
  2. Yield
  3. Quality
  4. Price

Genetics is the key driver of these variables, enabling farmers to improve yield and quality potential while reducing the costs of chemical and water requirements. Strong genetics drive the ability to manage cost and quality variables; enabling the fourth variable, price, to be realised.

RedSun Hortitech’s focus on supplying the best available genetic materials to meet the global opportunity of increasing food demand and climate change means investing in the finest genetics available. With more than 30 years of investment in our own cultivar and rootstock motherblocks, we have solid data on performance data and provide full traceability on our trees. Over time we expect to extend this traceability from our motherblocks to the farmer, providing yield tracking capability and realising the full potential created by excellent genetics and data driven farm management.

Along with our growers’ global partners Blue Horizon, RedSun Hortitech view genetics and fast-paced digitisation opportunities as key factors contributing towards the future of sustainable global food production and farming.